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Company Philosophy

Our philosophy of work is “learning by doing” and we wish to make a global impact by matching international standards. Smithila Foundations is a customer centric organization making painstaking efforts to win the trust of the customers and achieve eternal customer certitude. Our portfolio offers wide range of Plots for sale in chennai, villas for sale in chennai, flats for sale in chennai with varied space aged Gated community projects in chennai and intergrated township projects in chennai with world class amenities. As a prospering business concern, we hope to add value to the infrastructural development of the city of Chennai.

An individual dreams to have a beautiful and magnificent house for his family and we aim to beautify this emotional bonding by giving you the best for your lives. We as an organization pledge to turn dreams into reality. With the application of latest technologies and trends, we are motivated to bestow you the premium and privileged standards of living.

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Design Philosophy

We believe that for the design of any building to be successful planning is mandatory as follows Functional Planning , Space Planning , Smart-Energy efficient homes, Construction & engineering. Which is why across all our projects , you’ll find one thing in common- the attempt to create better living spaces that help people spend quality time with their families.Our homes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the 21st century lifestyles and incorporate futuristic technologies with classic design sensibilities.which makes Smithila Foundations as one of the finest builder in Chennai.

Functional Planning , Thoughtful design is about creating environments that are not just beautiful, but also sustainable and economical. For instance, When we add large, floor-to-ceiling windows, it is not just to offer people beautiful views, but for air and light to enter freely, therein reducing their dependence on artificial lighting and air-conditioning. This helps us preserve natural resources and be responsible towards the environment. Which helps us to develop cost effective and functional homes in Chennai.

Space Planning , At Smithila when we design spaces, we work from outside in, first creating the environment within the homes will be situated. It therefore important to consider such aspects as adequate parking, landscaping, elevator and lobbies, etc. before we design interiors. We also integrate helpful spaces like pooja rooms, balconies, etc. into the design of homes and refer to the laws of Vaastu complaint homes in Chennai to account for personal beliefs.

Smart-Energy Efficient, Our design approach stems from our concern for the environment, which pushes us to innovate and discover newer methods that make for eco-friendly homes. We always endeavour to create value for society by challenging the norm with newer ideas, technologies and strategies. As the threat of climate change becomes increasingly real, we realise that sustainability can no linger be an afterthought. Steps we’ve taken to make our designs more sustainable include the use of smart bathroom fixtures that conserve water and minimise wastage, energy-efficient LED lights that reduces power consumptions and large windows that admit natural light to reduce dependence on artificial lighting.Which helps us to develop Eco friendly homes in Chennai.

Construction and Engineering, We always stress on quality of our products , and our construction and engineering processes are designed to fulfil this mission. We not only partner with the best consultants, contractors and vendors, but also constantly train our team of engineers to keep them abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the industry.Additionally, to monitor quality and precision, we have trained and experienced people to supervise the process at every step, with a mandatory and stringent checklist which reduces the flaws and match our customers expectations as far as quality and safety is concerned. Which makes Smithila Foundations a Quality builder in Chennai.